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Vaibhav Vohra on AI and GCC Industries

Vaibhav Vohra discusses the transformative impact of AI-powered data supply chains in GCC industries.

February 05, 2024

Writing for CXO Insight Middle East, Vaibhav Vohra discusses how AI-powered data can impact the “vibrant digital economy” of the GCC. In his post, he emphasizes the importance of visibility within hybrid IT systems and the external market. He also highlights the shift from analog to digital supply chains, leveraging AI-powered ERP for industry-specific solutions. The article underscores the potential economic boost from AI, advocating for a business-centric AI integration approach, focusing on privacy, security, and fitting requirements. It promotes low-code/no-code platforms for efficiency and stresses the importance of partnerships for successful AI implementation in ERP systems.

Read the full article here.