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Epicor FP&A

Revolutionize your financial budget planning and forecasting activities in the cloud with Epicor Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A)

A Complete, Easy-to-Use Financial Planning and Analysis Solution

Epicor FP&A is a complete, reliable, and revolutionary financial planning and analysis solution that integrates seamlessly with your ERP system. Install in as little as five minutes and start generating actuals, budgets, reports, and live forecasts that can help you:

  • Align departments around shared objectives
  • Motivate employees with a clear picture of your company’s direction
  • Simplify resource allocation
  • Monitor and control operations
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Extended Planning and Analysis

  • Extended planning and analysis (xP&A) breaks down silos between departments, connecting everyone in real-time. Epicor FP&A helps identify risks, trends, and opportunities early and drive proactive responses. Epicor FP&A provides xP&A capabilities for planning and analysis from the division to the group level to afford a holistic view of all the scenarios.
  • Epicor Financial Planning & Analysis, along with Grow and the ERP platform reporting tools, bring to life the big aspirations of Epicor's data supply chain vision. Epicor FP&A and Grow drive customers' financial and management processes to be genuinely data-driven enterprises. Grow, and Epicor FP&A drive boardroom conversations by leveraging machine learning and equipping leaders to be more agile and make more informed decisions.
  • An xP&A solution must be deeply integrated with the company's ERP platform to make sense for makers, movers, and sellers. Epicor’s solutions offer a quick time to value because they understand the metrics, drivers, and profitability of the make, move, sell economy. Instead of bringing forward a generic solution, Epicor delivers a solution deeply integrated into Epicor ERP to meet the specific needs of makers, movers, and sellers. Epicor FP&A is geared towards optimizing & automating the financial and operational processes of the industries that Epicor serves.
  • Epicor's pragmatic approach to using machine learning for budgeting & forecasting with its scenario-based and sensitivity analysis provides divisional leaders confidence in planning and strategizing for future periods compared against actual results. Epicor's KPI Dashboards and trends identification capabilities provide C-suite and other decision makers real-time information so the business can make proactive & timely decisions.

How Epicor FP&A supports xP&A processes across an organization:

  • HR headcount planning considers divisional resource requirements.
  • Sales targets (sales mix) will plan working capital requirements from the material or finished goods ordering and stocking, credit management.
  • With HR headcount and sales target plans, an organization can plan different scenarios to assess the warehouse capacity needed to support the company's strategies.


ERP Integration

This cloud-based system easily connects with cloud-deployed or on-premises Kinetic (new name for Epicor ERP), Epicor iScala, or Epicor Enterprise.

Real-Time Data

Real-time calculations and instant aggregation let you immediately see the impact of certain changes to make the best business decisions.

Ease of Use

Quick installation, a sleek dashboard, convenient report templates, and drag-and-drop simplicity make this software easy to use.

Collaboration Tools

Simpler, faster, and more focused checking and approval processes save time and allow your team to work on more important tasks.