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How It Works


See how workers can be empowered as Citizen Integrators and Developers to save time, eliminate manual tasks and increase productivity.

Bridge the Business/IT Gap

Automation Studio is an intelligent automation tool that makes it viable for business users to act as citizen developers and integrators in collaboration with IT for governance.

  • Cloud platform for elastic, serverless operation.
  • Covers all use cases for all departments.
  • Self-service access to connectors and low code/no-code recipes is embedded in the Epicor platform for a streamlined user experience.

Connect Epicor to 1,000+ External Apps

Modern robotic process automation (RPA) in Automation Studio combines fit for purpose technologies such as APIs for robust and reliable interactions with modern systems, parsers for leveraging information from documents or images, and scraping technologies for web sites and older systems.

  • Connector selections for every department.
  • Generic webhook and http connectors for full flexibility.
  • Embedded Epicor connector for external apps, as well as internal app-to-app.

“Automation Studio solves a real need that we have in our growing business which is the ability to connect other systems quickly and easily to our instance of Epicor.”

David Holm, President at Kiski Precision Industries, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Aerotech, Inc.


Harness Crowdsourced AI

A recipe is an automation consisting of a trigger and one or more resulting actions. Automation Studio uses machine learning (ML) that analyzes the 400,000+ available community recipes to make recommendations when you are building your own recipes.

  • Published recipes are open source and available for ML analysis and for you to reuse and adapt.
  • Assists you with the process of field mapping between applications.
  • Recommends next steps in the recipe based on previous work done by others in similar recipes.
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