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Millar Western Forest Products

Though they consider themselves a small company in comparison with the larger Canadian forestry giants, Millar Western Forest Products is Alberta's largest privately held softwood lumber producers, with three high-speed, high-efficiency sawmills in northern Alberta. With roots dating back to 1906, the company has a long history of investing in technology as a way to increase efficiency and compete internationally. “We were among the first users of Epicor LumberTrack software,” says Allison Carter, supervisor of credit, sales administration & transportation at Millar Western. “We had nothing before the LumberTrack solution. We have grown with it, upgrading as our business needs changed and new versions were made available.”

“Epicor LumberTrack software makes us more competitive. We're able to turn around our goods and invoices quickly and efficiently.”

Allison Carter
supervisor of credit, sales administration & transportation | Millar Western

Powerful, evolving system

“Epicor LumberTrack is an excellent system-solid and powerful,” says Carter, who liaises with accounting, sales, mill shipping, and IT staff to unify the company's procedures and processes with the LumberTrack software workflow and capabilities.

Over the years, Millar Western has actively provided input for LumberTrack software product development. “We were known to be innovative, and in the early days the LumberTrack software team would ask us for advice and opinions on how we could best use the system,” says Carter.

Carter now serves on the LumberTrack Advisory Council and attends Epicor User Conference meetings to continue providing input and to stay current on the product's roadmap and capabilities.

“LumberTrack software moves with the times,” says Carter. “In the lumber industry, there's always so much change, for example, to softwood trade and customs rulings and export taxes. You need a software system that is adaptive in its thinking.”

“We use LumberTrack software out-of-the-box without trying to change it,” Carter remarks. “We decided it was in the best interest of Millar Western to use an out-of-the-box solution, even if it meant adapting our procedures, and to source any changes and reports through the Epicor LumberTrack team, so that we don't need to retain those additional IT resources in-house.”

Efficiencies deliver competitive advantage

“Epicor LumberTrack software makes us more competitive. We're able to turn around our goods and invoices quickly and efficiently,” says Carter. “We can't be held up by paperwork. LumberTrack software helps us produce our US customs clearance documents and other reports efficiently. Its EDI interface to our customs brokers works well. And LumberTrack software helps us get invoices to customers and reconcile month-end quickly.”

Growth supported by LumberTrack

“Our business is growing, and the LumberTrack solution is growing, too,” says Carter. Commenting on the benefits of the latest version of LumberTrack software, Carter remarks: “There are more opportunities to save time and generate better reporting for our management team. It has made us smarter in our day-to-day jobs. We have more information at the ready.”

“LumberTrack software enables new operations to be easily added to the system. With LumberTrack software we were able to integrate our new Fox Creek sawmill quickly and seamlessly,” says Carter.

Epicor resources enhance LumberTrack ability to support

“The LumberTrack software team has been great,” says Carter.“The Epicor call center process is efficient and timely in responding to our needs.”

“With LumberTrack software now a part of Epicor, it's in an even better position to keep pace with change,” says Carter. “The advantages of a bigger company give the LumberTrack software team even more ability to deliver a product that helps us remain competitive in our world.”

Company Facts

Location: Edmonton, Alberta

Industry: Lumber and Building Materials

Specialty: Wood Products Manufacturing, Specialty Softwood Lumber

Number of Locations: 3 Sawmills



Use IT and other technologies to improve efficiency and gain competitive advantage to export to the USA and Asia


Epicor LumberTrack


Efficient sales, shipping, and administrative functions

Faster invoicing, month-end reconciliation

Faster production of shipping and customs documentation

Quick integration and consolidation of acquired mill's operational data

Software that keeps pace with industry change and best practices

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