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Plug & Play Meets Customisable API Excellence

Get tailored, out-of-the-box integrations for common industry needs, along with robust API capabilities for businesses seeking customization. Our solutions have an open architecture while leveraging both OpenAPI and Swagger tools to provide standardised access via REST and OData. Every functionality accessible via our Client UI is equally available as a Service/API.

The Epicor Integration model is the driving force behind many of these offerings. It not only interlinks various Epicor industry solutions for large enterprises, but also connects to modular Epicor connected services, external platforms, and apps. Our Integration model also includes no-code/low-code tools for customisation:

  • Inefficient and faulty business transactions between trading partners
  • Manual paper processes and data entry
  • Fragmented processes and data across diverse business units
  • Difficulty integrating with outside systems and apps
  • Syncing data between corporate and subsidiary systems

Dresner Advisory Associates’ 2020 Data Pipelines Market Study

Challenges We Help Solve

Off-The-Shelf Integrations