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Epicor Business Consulting Services

Maximize your ERP investment with insights from our experienced consultants.

Easily Integrate Your People, Processes, and Technology

Having the best technology is only half the battle. You also need effective people and efficient processes to get the most out of your Kinetic (new name for Epicor ERP) investment.

Epicor Business Consultant Services (BCS) prepare your team to address the human element of your ERP implementation through an interactive Change Acceleration Process (CAP) Workshop and Risk Management Workshop.

This proven framework enables you to:

  • Get faster ROI
  • Identify success factors
  • Overcome employee resistance
  • And so much more
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Business Meeting

Epicor BCS Workshops Help You Hit the Ground Running

Identify Success Factors

Discover critical factors important to the project’s success and be prepared to take action.

Manage Risks

Manage implementation risks and rapidly address new ones as they arise.

Assign Stakeholders

Develop stakeholder roles and responsibilities to ensure their ongoing commitment.

Overcome Implementation Obstacles

Be better prepared to combat employee resistance, resource constraints, and lack of support.

Gain Employee Buy-In

Communicate compelling reasons for the new ERP implementation to achieve employee buy-in.

Evaluate Changing Processes

Assess systems and structures to sustain people, process, and technology changes.

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