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As a safety products distributor, you need a business system designed for your daily challenges—customers coming to your counter for safety products, warehouse employees pulling replenishment orders to restock customer consignment locations, or getting a last-minute part overnighted to a customer. You also need to accept EDI orders from customers and allow other customers to place orders and manage their accounts online. Additionally, you’re looking for tools that allow your employees—especially sales—to work remotely via a tablet or phone. You need an industry‑leading, system that’s designed around your needs. That’s Epicor for Safety Supply Distribution.

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Effective Inventory Management

Many distributors now offer to manage storerooms and stock bins and determine usage for their customers. This service is gaining momentum as one of the most important value-added services you can offer. Manually, it can be incredibly tedious, time-consuming, and inaccurate. Epicor for Distribution helps automate processes for improved inventory control, increased sales, and more satisfied customers.

Accurate Lot Tracking

Customers often demand to know when a product was made, where, by whom, to what specifications—and they want you to provide documentation detailing each step of any process. Having the ability to track item lots from origin through final shipment makes it easy to meet their demands and provide exceptional customer service.

Serial Number Tracking

Important for recalls and record keeping, serial number tracking helps you quickly and easily manage a very complex part of your business. We recognize every distributor’s business is unique. That’s why Epicor’s ERP software provides the flexibility to record serial numbers on any item in your warehouse to meet your business processes. Whether you choose to group all items manufactured at the same time together or assign lot numbers at the point of sale—however you manage your items, serial number tracking can be organized to meet your needs.  

Contract Pricing

For many customers, you’ll need to negotiate pricing down to the item level—establishing fixed, time‑based net prices on a SKU-by-SKU basis. Epicor’s ERP solution enables you to set up time sensitive contract pricing for these customers. Contract pricing is fully integrated into Quote to Order and Order Entry to help ensure the customer gets the right contract price on each transaction. Additionally, starting and ending dates on contracts allow you to track when contracts are expiring and set up new contracts that will automatically trigger on the starting date.

Expand Your Competitive Advantage with Digital Technology

Your website is a huge opportunity to differentiate your company from competitors. Turn to your manufacturers to provide you with images and technical information. Use PDFs to put tangible selling material in your customer's hands at no cost to you. Your goal is to connect your brand to your customers when and where they want it. Helpful information such as safety tip pages, links to regulatory agencies websites, even quick time video clips to deliver additional value. Your website experience should include e-commerce capabilities that reflect an understanding of the buyer experience to streamline the purchase process. A well-defined e-commerce site enables you to better understand their needs, so they will leave satisfied that you listened first and recommended a product second.

Epicor Prophet 21 for Safety Supply Distributors

Epicor Prophet 21 helps Illinois-based Emergent Safety Supply:

  • Reduce shipping time by 50%
  • Increase sales by 300%
  • Automate internal processes for employees to better serve customers
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