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Service Management

With continued downward pressure on margins in the distribution and manufacturing sectors, many companies focus on improved customer service as a way of retaining customers as well as increasing revenue.

Taking full advantage of the product and customer lifecycles is now more important than ever before, although many businesses are missing out on revenue opportunities unable to keep up with the demand for service or unable to identify the most valuable customers and their needs. Service management solutions help you coordinate all your service center processes to secure the best usage of resources and material, at the right time, for the lowest possible cost, with the greatest return, all leading to improved customer satisfaction.

Whether you do field service or run an in-house service center, improved service management will help you control your contractual obligations, service level agreements, and outstanding warranties and benefit your organization in many ways.

Providing Solutions to Meet Your Business Goals

  • Epicor service management software supports lean service organization requirements with comprehensive escalation management that enables you to manage customer service level agreements with full visibility of risks and potential compliance problems
  • Preventive maintenance scheduling, coupled with serial number and contract management enables efficient planning of visits and resources leading to increased customer satisfaction and reduced costs
  • Comprehensive mobility options enable engineers on the road to maintain contact with the service center for efficient allocation of work, immediate update of completed work, and fast invoice turnaround.

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