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Epicor 客戶支援

由屢獲殊榮的 EpicCare 提供技術支援

Epicor Support Services Coverage Statement

Epicor is committed to providing exceptional service in all respects and to ensure that each of our customers is provided with uninterrupted protection during unanticipated events which may affect their business. Part of this promise includes Epicor support services which are provided through service centers located around the world. We have designed these service centers strategically, allowing us to provide overlapping coverage with no disruption in support in the unlikely event of a local outage, whether your service is on-premises or in the cloud. Additionally, Epicor’s online support portal, EpicCare, which is hosted in the cloud, includes built-in failover capabilities which enables our support services to be available 24/7, regardless of an unanticipated local outage.

Should you have any questions or require additional information, please contact your Customer Account Manager or email


在講求速度的現今社會,時間就是關鍵。這就是 Epicor 支援提供高效率回應體驗的原因。超過 600 位具備深入業界專門知識的支援分析師,他們平均擁有六年經驗。這些 Epicor 員工擔任客戶倡導人,負責處理個案從提交到解決的整個過程,當中涉及 EpicCare 支援入門網站 12 個全球支援中心和 30 種語言。

登入 EpicCare


超過 600 位擁有業專門知識的 Epicor 終身受僱支援分析師遍佈全球。


EpicCare 支援網站全天候提供服務,讓您取用寶貴的資訊和資源。



「EpicCare 相當之好——真的容易使用,數分鐘內即可記錄個案並取得回應。」

Brian Shirk
LB Water 資訊總監

「我已多次使用支援服務獲得超乎預料的優質服務…他們在 30 分鐘內就回應我了。我還想著應要花數小時。」

George Amrhein
Astec Industries ERP 行政人員


Will Dunn
Standard Supply 地區副總裁

與 Epicor 取得連繫

告訴我們您要達成特別的目標和面臨獨特的挑戰,以便我們向您展示 Epicor 軟體為何更適合您。您可透過電話、網上聊天或電郵聯絡我們。如果您是現有客戶,請登入 EpicCare。