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What is Epicor FP&A?

The Value of an Agile, Flexible FP&A Solution

Businesses face a myriad of challenges today: inflation, attrition, and low productivity. Epicor FP&A is a cloud solution that empowers you with a new structure of working—improving your financial reporting processes, enhancing your operations, and helping you adapt to a dynamic environment. With the CFO holding the reins, bolstered by cutting-edge machine learning technology, you can help ensure your business is ready to:

  • Quickly generate reports and ensure you comply with internal and external reporting standards
  • Accurately predict future revenues, profits, and cash flow
  • Make goal-oriented and driver-based plans, while modeling complex financial and operational what-if scenarios 
  • Discover which products, customers, and segments of the business are more profitable 
  • Consolidate reports with ease across entities so you can compare performance
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Delivering Real-Time Insights 

Streamlines your processes so you can access insights quickly while supporting effective decision-making across your organization. 

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Reducing Cycle Times

Reduce your budget cycle time by over 50%  allowing you to deliver faster data and clearer insights across functions. 

Increasing Savings and Improving Productivity

Re-engineer reporting and budgeting processes so your teams can increase efficiency and boost productivity, strengthening your bottom line.  


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