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    Programvara för tillverkare
    Programvaran Epicor® Manufacturing är ett heltäckande lösningspaket som hjälper dig att planera, schemalägga, hantera och övervaka hela tillverkningsverksamheten...
    Programvara för distributörer
    Epicor tillhandahåller programvara för distributörer som innehåller ett komplett utbud av orderhantering...
    Epicor tillhandahåller en ny metod för hur ERP-system (enterprise resource planning)...
    Manufacturing Execution System (MES)
    Epicor Mattec MES är ett realtidssystem som kan användas tillsammans med Epicor ERP för att utveckla förmågan att övervaka maskiner och analysera maskinrelaterad data såsom...

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  • Success Stories

    • SKF Automotive Bearings Co Ltd

      “We achieved the highest sales record last year in our history. I believe this was closely related with the implementation of iScala.”
      James Xu, Logistics Manager | SKF Automotive Bearings

    • Kiilto Family Oy

      “By combining Epicor ERP and iScala as a two-tiered ERP solution, all the information is gathered in one place.This has helped us to meet our business challenges and increase opportunities to grow.”
      Ville Kenttä, ICT Service Manager

    • Frigotehnica SV

       Epicor hjälper en ledande rumänsk tillverkare att förbättra effektiviteten i kontakten med kunder och leverantörer.


    • RADOX

       Epicor hjälper rumänsk VVS-distributör att minska stressen och öka flexibiliteten.

    • Boers and Co FineMetalworking Group

      “Genom att stödja ett brett spektrum av QRM-processer ger Epicor ERP version 10 en större flexibilitet som hjälpt oss att minska våra ledtider avsevärt. Vi kan idag reagera mycket snabbare och har minskat leveranstiden för många produkter från åtta till endast tre veckor”
      Ronald Koot, vd | Boers & Co FijnMetaal Group

    • AnVa Components

      “Den absolut största fördelen med Epicor ERP är systemets och plattformens flexibilitet. Det är oerhört viktigt för oss att själva kunna anpassa och göra ändringar i systemet och inte behöva använda oss av konsulter hela tiden.”
      Mikael Nilsson, VD | AnVa Components

    • SHL Group

      "Epicor service is simple and direct, allowing us to focus on our demanding operations more effectively and attentively. Our final success with Epicor ERP can be attributed not just to the company's international background, but to its ability to support SHL's demand for business integration across regions."
      Ake Karlson, Managing Director of SHL Healthcare | SHL Group

    • Cosma International

      "In my opinion, inventory accuracy is king, the building block of everything. If you don't have accurate inventory then you don't have anything. Epicor CMS is our foundation."
      Andy Hrasky, Assistant General Manager | Victor Manufacturing (Cosma International)

    • Energizer Thailand Ltd

      "The Thai market with its different pricing policies on raw material and supplies made things very difficult and complicated for the system configuration. However, we did not face this with Epicor iScala as the solution aided us in enhancing our sales performance."
      Ms. Kongked Hadpinkajornjaru, Senior System Analyst | Energizer Thailand Ltd.

    • Certex

      "Med den nya teknologin kan vi söka snabbare och enklare i systemet, något som har ökat produktiviteten och orderhanteringen"
      Peter Broberg, IT Manager | Certex

  • Blogs

    • Epicor iScala Wins Gold in Best in Biz Awards 2018 International
      I’m delighted to announce that our business management software solution, Epicor iScala, has been named the gold winner in the Enterprise Product of the Year, Software category at this year’s Best in Biz Awards. These awards claim to be ‘the only independent global business awards programme judged each year by prominent editors and reporters from top-tier publications from around the world’.

    • D!conomy – CeBit’s Ideas and Solutions for a Digital World
      As the great and the good in IT flocked to Hanover for CeBit 2017 last week, I was grateful not to have to walk the floor and instead I reviewed the key themes at the event, from the relative comfort of my desk.  Amongst event keynote subjects, like the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), a topic which CeBit calls 'D!conomy' caught my attention.

    • Top ERP Vendors Battle Head-to-Head
      Larry Blitz, editor of Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) Vendor Showdowns, recently conducted a match-up between top vendors in the small business software category. The three vendors battled head-to-head included Epicor ERP, Infor SyteLine and NetSuite were compared across 10 main modules comprising of over 2,500 features and functions.

    • Internet of Things…Let’s Make Connections
      The Internet of things is literally connections; connections between machines, connections to the Cloud, connections to business applications, connections between people. At this time I see three phases of IoT; the launch phase, where we are today is to monitor and alert, phase two, intelligence within things, and phase three, self-learning things. 

    • Internet of Things…and the Data We Love
      The Internet of Things is a fast growing platform of connected devices, machines and cloud technology, which is helping businesses better manage process, machines and decision making. But what is the Internet of Things (IoT)? I like to describe it as, 'Devices connected to the internet to be used for the collection and analysis of data for the automation or control of a process.' Yet the term "Internet of Things" did not come about recently.

    • Epicor Rises to #1 in Top 10 ERP Report
      Epicor ranked number one over a fierce set of competitors in the first annual Top 10 ERP Systems Rankings Report by Panorama Consulting Solutions, a top influencer group and leading ERP consulting firm.

    • Top Six Resources to Improve your Productivity and User Adoption with Epicor University
      Whether you are a customer implementing a new system, or an existing customer looking to improve your knowledge, Epicor University has a wide array of education and documentation deliverables available to help your users improve productivity and increase their satisfaction

    • Reasons to Adopt SaaS ERP
      The success of SaaS-based  enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions such as  Epicor Cloud ERP among job shops and small to mid-sized manufacturers and distributors reflects a number of factors. Changes in the market itself are requiring more of smaller participants in supply chains. Communication requirements are more comprehensive; the need for greater efficiencies are more acute, stretching beyond the limits of the traditional point or homegrown solutions typically used by these smaller concerns.

    • Why SaaS Makes Sense in Our Current Economy
      A look at the economy over the past four years doesn’t yield a very pretty picture. The 2008-2012 global recession, sometimes referred to as the late-2000s recession, Great Recession, the Lesser Depression, or the Long Recession, is a marked global economic decline that began in December 2007 and took a particularly sharp downturn in September 2008. This recession affected the entire world economy, with higher detriment occurring in some countries more than others. As a major global recession characterized by various systemic imbalances, it was sparked by the outbreak of the 2007-2009 global financial crisis. The economic side effects of the European sovereign debt crisis, accompanied with slowing U.S. and Chinese growth, continues to provide obstacles to world economic growth.

    • The Business Benefits of SaaS Software
      In an earlier post on why SaaS software makes sense in this economy, we noted how the benefits of SaaS software (which began gaining traction about the time of the global financial crisis of 2007-2009) have continued to gain momentum in the context of today’s economic uncertainties. The business benefits of SaaS software are contributing to this growth.

  • Grow Your Business
    Ditt mål är att leverera en enastående upplevelse till dina kunder varje gång du får chansen, samidigt som du vill att ditt företag ska vara framgångsrikt och lönsamt. Med Epicor är du fri att fokusera på er kärnverksamhet och du får chans till att visualisera och förverkliga de möjligheter som skickligt tillämpad teknik kan skapa för ditt företag.

    Grow Your Business
    Ditt mål är att leverera en enastående upplevelse till dina kunder varje gång du får chansen, samidigt som du vill att ditt företag ska vara framgångsrikt och lönsamt. Med Epicor är du fri att fokusera på er kärnverksamhet och du får chans till att visualisera och förverkliga de möjligheter som skickligt tillämpad teknik kan skapa för ditt företag.