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  • Value-Added Resellers

  • The Epicor® Partners for Growth Program has been designed to provide our value-added resellers the tools, resources and training to be successful in selling Epicor software solutions.

    Partner Benefits

    Partnering with Epicor means entering a mutually beneficial agreement to actively cultivate the market for Epicor solutions and work to implement those solutions quickly, and cost effectively.  Epicor looks for partners that are leaders in their field and has built a program to offer substantial benefits and services.

    • Partner Welcome Kit - To get started, we provide our partners with our Partner Welcome Kit to jumpstart their relationship with Epicor.  The Welcome Kit includes all the tools necessary to sell, market, and implement Epicor products.
    • Epicor Solutions for Your Use – As part of our commitment to provide you with the best tools to manage and successfully grow your business, Epicor provides you with its award-winning solution for you to manage your own business.  It’s an integrated front and back office system for up to 10 concurrent users.   
    • Marketing and Support Assistance – We are dedicated to working with our partners to grow their business.  Epicor develops a wide-variety of marketing programs and tools that will assist you with your lead generation efforts.  You can invite prospects to participate in Epicor’s marketing programs or you may elect to use your marketing development funds to develop programs uniquely for you.
    • Global Support Infrastructure – Epicor is equipped with global support infrastructure to handle issues quickly and efficiently.  Today, we support customers in more than 140 countries.  To do this effectively, we have a global infrastructure that incorporates support centers located in every major operating region.
    • Education and Training – Maintaining a world-class customer service and support is a top priority.  As part of your training we provide you with a complete set of training documentation that we use with our customers.  The training manuals are an excellent tool for your team to reference as a complement to the Partner training programs that we provide.  And, when it comes time for implementation, Epicor has a required certification process and initial Epicor guided implementation procedures that follow a methodology which demonstrates the architecture, technology, and personnel requirements for consistent success.
    • Access to EPICWEB Partner site – A secure portal dedicated to helping you cultivate your business and deliver excellence.  It provides a direct link between Epicor and our partners.  EPICWEB offers a patch and upgrade management system, as well as access to the latest sales, marketing, and eLearning tools.  Find partner “need to know” information at a glance.
    • Involvement in a User Group – As a partner, you may join an existing user group or create a new group with your customers.  You can find Epicor User Groups around the world in which members are helping each other discover the full potential of Epicor products and solving specific problems through shared information and support.

    We are Ready

    If you are interested in learning more about Epicor, our solutions, and our winning business proposition for Partners, contact us and let's start the conversation.

  • Partners for Growth Program Brochure

    Partner Resources:

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    Partner Testimonial:

    "Our initiation as a new Epicor value-added reseller (VAR) has been seamless. The resources that Epicor provides its partners – from marketing materials to staff expertise – are terrific and have given us all the necessary tools to hit the ground running. Epicor is extremely responsive to our needs as a new VAR – we feel like a truly valued partner.”

    Elizabeth Ingram
    Business Technology Partners
    Epicor Authorized Partner

  • Epicor Software推動業務增長。我們為製造、分銷、零售和服務業的客戶提供靈活及特別針對各類行業需求而設計的軟件。累積了超過 40 年經驗,Epicor對客戶獨特業務流程和操作要求有深入的了解,並將這些經驗融會我們提供的每一個雲端,主機托管或辦公室預置版方案。基於我們對客戶業務的了解,Epicor的解決方案可應付業務的複雜性,並能同時帶動公司增長。有效的方案可協助企業節省時間精力,提高效率並提升盈利能力。

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