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Process Control with Digital Work Instructions

Epicor Connected Process Control delivers the simplest path to digital transformation—powerful, web-based solution enabling process control, operator guidance, traceability and data collection down to the task level

  • Increase quality and productivity to save costs
  • Gain clear visibility into your operations with real-time insights
  • Connect your workers to devices for even greater productivity
  • Provide full assembly error-proofing for production operations
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Benefits to Manufacturers

Produce a Consistent Quality Part While Improving Efficiency

By delivering a combination of process control and guided digital operating instructions, Connected Process Control helps users produce a consistent quality product. Track each individual task to streamline the process from start to finish.

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Support Your Industry 4.0 Transformation

Easily connect to most tools and equipment on the shop floor, enabling efficient data collection and boosting productivity with vital insights. Turn information into action to generate new ideas and better processes.

Empower Your Team

Ensuring that every employee is on the same page requires timely, nonstop communication. With Connected Process Control, employees can quickly view production information. This allows everyone to receive clear and consistent information, stay informed, and be ready to respond to changing conditions.