Built for Results, Right Out of the Box

See how the #1 ERP for building supply keeps businesses out front and moving forward.

From increased efficiency to streamlined process flow, these eight Epicor customers use data-driven solutions to create results, not guesswork, at every stage of the building supply journey. You’ll learn about the capabilities that helped them put their customers’ needs first while strengthening their ability to compete in a demanding marketplace, including:

  • Analytics to monitor inventory levels, warehouse activity, customer demand, and more
  • Tools to connect sales, marketing, dispatch, and accounting staff to centralized customer data
  • The right dashboards to monitor where customers are, which ones are most profitable, and why

In challenging times, it’s useful to evaluate where your business is now, and how you want to navigate your path to the future. If you’re considering a change from DMSI, you can use these customer profiles as a jumping-off point for exploration, education, and success.