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Changing Automotive Industry

Auto is undergoing a profound transformation, characterized by the shift toward electric vehicles, autonomous driving technologies, a and growing emphasis on sustainability. These pose unprecedented challenges and opportunities.

Amid these rapid changes, powerful software tools like ERP and MES optimize and streamline business processes across organizations.

These tools can overcome major obstacles like:

  • Supply chain issues
  • Labor shortages
  • Regulatory compliance requirements
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Digitize Your Shop Floor and Streamline Operations

Digitizing your shop floor enhances efficiency by providing real-time data for production process insights, optimizing resource allocation, and enabling quicker decision-making. This approach reduces downtime, increases productivity, and improves quality. These insights foster collaboration and empower your teams

  • Machine integration and automated data collection
  • Guided digital operating instructions
  • Process control real-time visibility
  • Empowered employees

Reduce Risk, Stay Compliant

Auto has always led the way for quality and safety. Maintain compliance with Minimum Process Requirements, MMOG/LE, and other standards and regulations.

Ensure compliance with Minimum Process Requirements, MMOG/LE, and other standards and regulations with the help of Epicor's comprehensive solutions.

  • Automotive EDI
  • Tracking and traceability
  • Process control
  • Project management and tracking
  • Quality control

Enhance Customer and Supplier Relationships

Build a better customer experience at every touchpoint and empower teams for collaboration across global supply chains. Improve the reliability and consistency of your supply chain and establish a single point of truth with improved communication, portals, and dashboards.

  • Customer relationship management
  • Electronic data interchange (EDI)
  • Supplier portal
  • eCommerce
  • Social collaboration tools

Challenges Solved for Automotive

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