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Time to Move to Epicor

You chose Infor for your mid-market manufacturing business, but you might be feeling like it is not the best fit. If you are looking for a solution that feels more intuitive, easy to learn, and aligned with your specialty industry, it might be time to consider Epicor.

Why Manufacturers Choose Us

We Do Discrete Manufacturing Better

Epicor for Manufacturing solutions are built for your sector. Unlike Infor and other competitors, we score better every time with engineer to order manufacturing segments.

It’s An Epicor World

Our solutions are managed and supported by experts who speak your language and understand your specific needs. It’s global meets local, and it works. That’s why we’re trusted by more than 27,000 businesses worldwide, including major global brands.


Get In Touch
We’d love to tell you more about why switching to Epicor makes better sense than sticking with Infor. Why not get in touch with our sales team today?

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