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Caps and Closures Pty Ltd.

Caps & Closures Pty Ltd is a leading Australian manufacturer of a comprehensive range of standard and custom designed caps and closures as well as injection molding services and custom built dies. The company is now dealing with global markets in both product and technology and this will ensure that their Australian customers are able to obtain the latest closure innovations available in the world today.

From a planning point of view, the Epicor system is critical to ensure we meet our customers' lead time expectations and provide that extra level of service.

Robert McArthur
General Manager | Caps & Closures

"We have grown fairly quickly and a lot of the information we previously had was manual or in people's heads," said Robert McArthur, General Manager. "We needed to get that information into something that we had control over, one centralized system."

The benefits of using real-time information and accurate data

Caps & Closures implemented Epicor Advanced MES. The solution was implemented by manufacturing solution specialists and Epicor partner, GreenMoore Enterprises.

"We implemented Epicor Advanced MES 16 months ago and the implementation went smoothly. We entered a lot of information initially that had been collected over the years. We are now finding that Epicor Advanced MES is providing much more accurate data which allows us to review some of the other information we have in the company like variations in cycle times, lower scrap rates etc. Epicor Advanced MES enables us to fine tune a lot of our information and improve processes," said McArthur.

Epicor Advanced MES has also increased visibility across the organisation's production cycle.

"When we enter data into Advanced MES, it calculates a completion time for that job; it gives us an accurate time for when the product is going to be available for dispatch," explains McArthur. "It also provides a lot more visibility throughout the company. Our sales staff can access the system and determine when a product is going to be ready and keep the customer informed."

A strong focus on customer service: Meeting lead time requirements

Epicor Advanced MES collects production data directly from equipment and allows operators on the shop floor to enter other data using touchscreen technology in real time, eliminating inaccurate and time-consuming manual data collection.

"We use the system mainly for planning, production monitoring and traceability," explains McArthur. "We will be looking to expand to the quality control features of Epicor Advanced MES shortly".

"Our injection moulders and assembly machines are connected to the system which then records each pulse from each machine measuring cycle time, calculating the number of units produced, downtime and OEE (overall equipment efficiency). From a planning point of view, the Epicor system is critical to ensure that we meet our customers' lead time expectations and provide that extra level of service."

Much more than OEE, Epicor Advanced MES helps with real strategies for improvement. When you reduce waste, inventory and downtime, and optimize equipment, capital and worker resources with Epicor, you drive performance gains.

"Over the years we have increased the number of machines and Epicor Advanced MES helps us ensure we continually have capacity to meet existing and future needs and our operators now use the system extremely well. A large screen on the factory wall enables them to see at-a-glance any potential problems," said McArthur.

Assisting Lean initiatives: Reducing downtime and scrap

Real-time information and alerts in Epicor Advanced MES help pinpoint critical issues, reduce waste, and improve quality and customer service. Caps & Closures have placed a strong emphasis on reducing downtime and waste.

"We are implementing a series of Lean programs (particularly waste elimination and Continuous Improvement) so Epicor Advanced MES assists with reduction of downtime and scrap," explains McArthur. "We can plan our jobs a lot better, minimise tool changes and run jobs for longer periods."


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  • Smooth implementation process
  • Accurate data leading to better information and improved processes
  • Increased visibility across the company
  • Capacity to meet future needs
  • Real-time information and alerts
  • Reduction in downtime and scraps

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