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Episode 14: Voice of the Manufacturing Manager Report Insights

Roundtable with John Preiditsch of Six S Partners, Mark Jamieson of 2WTech, and Ivan Rebolledo of Technology Coast Partners

Oktober 16, 2023

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"Voice of the Manufacturing Manager" Roundtable

What's on the minds of manufacturing leaders today? What's on their to-do lists? What do they see on the horizon? Epicor recently surveyed 400 manufacturing leaders for our "Voice of the Manufacturing Manager" report to find out more about how they're approaching technology, business strategies, worker engagement, and the future of their industry.

In this special episode of the "Manufacturing the Future" podcast, we invited three manufacturing leaders to discuss the findings of the report and to hear their perspectives on the key takeaways. Kerrie hosts John Preiditsch, President & CEO, Six S Partners; Mark Jamieson, President & CEO, 2WTech; and Ivan Rebolledo, Chief Revenue Office, Technology Coast Partners for an insightful discussion on the technology shaping manufacturing today, how to increase engagement across your workforce, and how being perceived as "modern" can promote your business. 


  • A discussion around the key takeaways of Epicor's new report, "Voice of the Manufacturing Manager."
  • How being perceived as a "modern manufacturing company" impacts business.
  • The different types of technology manufacturing companies are using today, including cloud and AI.
  • Where manufacturing companies stand on upskilling, and how it can increase worker engagement while producing a higher return on new technology.
  • How to increase the morale of manufacturing workers through increased pay and time off, and by appealing to other non-monetary needs.
  • The priorities and challenges to manufacturing leaders and how to solve them.
  • Why communication is a key skill to look for when hiring for the future of manufacturing.