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Improve Warehouse Accuracy and Control

As the building supply industry faces ongoing labor shortages, automation and real-time data are the keys to keeping your business on track. The cloud-enabled Epicor Warehouse Management System (WMS) eliminates the need for physical inventory counts to improve accuracy and efficiency while reducing errors.

Epicor WMS uses bar coding and wireless technology to maximise control and productivity. The system takes your warehouse staff through their daily activities step by step, eliminating errors and driving efficiency in all warehouse and yard operations.

  • Improve inventory accuracy to 95%+
  • Increase productivity by 20–30%
  • Reduce shipping errors by 90%
  • Eliminate the need for physical inventory counts
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Increase Inventory Tracking Accuracy

Whether you are a single location dealer or multi-entity building supply provider, Epicor BisTrack has a warehouse management system to meet the needs of your business. From paper orders to purchase orders to complete enterprise warehouse management, you’ll find the options you need to support your entire staff at the back office , distribution center, yard, or warehouse.

Improve Productivity

Productivity varies from role to role, with different skill sets and training levels, and by location and employee. Having your key tracking metrics in place lets you see at a glance if your team is meeting requirements. With Epicor Warehouse Management, it’s simple to implement, track, and measure important goals.

Ready Access to Critical Information

Dashboards allow you to gather, condense, and highlight the data you need to manage and improve your warehouse. You can display important information throughout your warehouse and yard to keep everyone up to date—including will-call order status, productivity results, and critical items that teams need to address immediately.


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