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Brazos Forest Products

Brazos Forest Products is a premier lumber and building materials (LBM) distributor of quality hardwood, plywood, and custom moldings-featuring four locations in Texas and Louisiana. “Our unique qualities in the market are that we're able to run our own moldings, lumber, and hardwood operations,” said Calan Morgan, IT support, Brazos Forest Products. “Many other companies either only sell plywood or only focus on the lumber, so our diverse offerings set us apart from the competition.”

BisTrack software has allowed us to grow and reach new markets quicker. It gives us a chance to expand our offerings, because we can look at our inventory levels and see products that are selling fast, as well as what's not leaving the shelves. From there, we can make business-changing decisions instantaneously.

Calan Morgan
IT Support | Brazos Forest Products

Scaled-up software

“We selected the Epicor BisTrack solution because of its robust offerings,” continued Morgan. “We came from a system that was very scaled-down, so moving to a solution that has many  options and features was important to us. Since we've gone live on BisTrack software, we've been able to streamline many processes and eliminate the use of a lot of paperwork. We also now have insight into where orders are at instead of only knowing that an order was created.”

Real-time operations insight

“With our molding and mill operations, BisTrack software has given us real-time information into exactly what's going in, what's coming out, and our production metrics,” said Morgan.  “Our mill in particular requires us to know board foot in, linear foot out, etc., so knowing which machines are being most efficient has been one of the best metrics from BisTrack software. It gives us the necessary information to tell if we need to change an operator or utilize the  machine more or less.”

“BisTrack software is great for providing real-time data,” he added. “Being able to get a report anytime-where we're  at on daily sales, where our trucks are located, how many stops they have left, etc.-is now an essential part of our business. It's crucial to have that  information at our fingertips. Before, we'd have to wait until the end of the month for that detailed data. The reporting alone has been one of the  biggest benefits of BisTrack software.”

Seamless truck routing

Every LBM business knows the importance of getting deliveries right. Brazos is delivering materials more accurately now with BisTrack software.

“The BisTrack Journey Planner has been an excellent tool for our business,” said Morgan. “We have about 20 trucks on the road for  deliveries each day, and because of BisTrack software, we're able to seamlessly route those trucks and pinpoint exactly where they are. Even our sales guys can look at a ticket and  identify a truck's location so they can give customers an idea of when to expect their orders. This has saved us countless hours and headaches.”

Staying ahead of the competition

Brazos is known for high-quality products and superior service that keeps them ahead of the competition. Now with BisTrack software, the  business has another competition-boosting tool. “BisTrack software has helped us become more competitive, because we can see which customers are trailing off or which customers  are our target accounts,” said Morgan. “It has also allowed us to go after those accounts and immediately see where we need to focus-instead of having to wait six months or a year  to get sufficient data. Being able to look day-to-day where we're at has enabled us to reach out to customers on an individual basis, which  has boosted our customer satisfaction.”

“BisTrack software has allowed us to grow and reach new markets quicker,” Morgan added. “It gives us a chance to expand  our offerings, because we can look at our inventory levels and see products that are selling fast, as well as what's not leaving the shelves. From there, we can make business changing  decisions instantaneously.”


Company Facts

Location—Grand Prairie, Texas

Industry—Lumber and Building Materials

Number of Locations—4



Replace a scaled-down system and move to a solution with robust functionality


Epicor BisTrack

Epicor BisTrack Journey Planner


Streamlined processes and eliminated nearly all paperwork

Offered clear insight into order tracking and management

Provided real-time molding and mill operations information

Allowed for seamless truck routing and the ability to pinpoint exactly where they’re located

Enabled business growth and expansion into new areas

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