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Episode 24: Voice of the Essential Manufacturing Worker, Chapter 3—Marc Weinmann and Arturo Buzzalino on Transformative Technologies

五月 02, 2024

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In this special episode of Manufacturing the Future podcast, Kerrie hosts a roundtable discussion about Epicor's second-annual Voice of Essential Manufacturing Workers report. 

Together with Marc Weinmann, owner of VEM Tooling and Arturo Buzzalino Vice President of Products, Innovation, and Design at Epicor, Kerrie explores the day-to-day work, upskilling and new skill sets, technology and modernization in the workplace, and the outlook on manufacturing work to gain a deeper understanding of those who make our industry thrive. 

In today's chapter, Kerrie, Marc, and Arturo dive deep into the technologies poised to transform the daily work of manufacturing workers. Here are a few key takeaways:

  • Ensure your business stays relevant and competitive by adopting AI, cloud services, and new software developments. This approach is crucial for success in the near to medium term.
  • Consider ERP investment can be the foundational vehicle for harnessing AI's capabilities and addressing critical business challenges.
  • Encourage discussions and partnerships that look beyond the current state of technology. This will help you anticipate and prepare for the next big developments.