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FP&A Uncovered: Simplify the process of Financial Planning & Analysis

Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A) is a term that almost everyone has heard of once or twice. It serves a particularly important role for scaling businesses. Best-in-class organizations are eager to perfect it, while some smaller organizations mistakenly think they are too small for such initiatives.

This session will walk you through:

  • What FP&A (the financial term) is, what it does, and why it matters
  • How Epicor FP&A, as a solution, empowers businesses to effectively run operations while taking into consideration the unique variables of each business
  • The power each organization holds to extend the solution from just financials to cover other processes such as sales

There is no greater testimony than that which active customers using the system make, so join this session as we walk you through 2 use cases of Epicor FP&A by two manufacturing companies running on Epicor ERP and Kinetic. We’ll tell you the story of why they needed a solution and how they are using it today. We will then end the session with a live demonstration, so you gain a better understanding of its potential for your business.

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