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Advanced Requisition Management (ARM)

ARM offers manufacturers and service businesses an organized and unified solution to control spending better. Supporting the supply chain and manufacturing value stream without interruption depends on reducing waste and costs while having purchased items ready, at hand, and on time. Smart routing of requisitions significantly shortens approval times, increasing your competitive edge.

  • Real-time general ledger budget checking
  • Support for preferred and one-time vendors
  • Standing orders and blanket orders
  • Multi-level approvals for improved efficiency
  • Better manage capital and operational expenditure


Significant Savings

First, you see lower costs with the shorter deployment, as ARM is tightly integrated with Kinetic. Secondly, your business benefits from increased efficiency in daily procurement administration. ARM helps organizations reduce running costs and improve margins.

Faster Processing Through Workflow-Based Automation

Tailor the approval setup to your business needs with a flexible workflow and manage multiple levels, tolerance limits, dimensions, out-of-office approvers, and more. This powerful automation helps your business deliver faster, so you can stay one step ahead of the competition.

Optimized Inventory Levels

Achieve a smarter inventory by ordering what is needed just in time for your manufacturing operations. Thanks to the close integration with Kinetic, ARM helps procurers boost efficiency, contributing to healthier, more optimized levels of stock in the warehouse.