Epicor Announces Visual Factory for Epicor CMS

Austin, TX February 26, 2018

Intuitive and integrated platform for automotive manufacturers to monitor performance now embedded in Epicor CMS


Epicor Software Corporation, a global provider of industry-specific enterprise software to promote business growth, today announced its Visual Factory module is now available for the Epicor CMS solution.

Epicor CMS software addresses the real-world challenges that the automotive industry faces for global growth. With over 2,000 automotive plants running on Epicor CMS, the software recognizes stringent requirements of the automotive industry and helps customers implement world-class best practices.

Visual Factory for Epicor CMS empowers shop floor operators and supervisors, and gives them the information necessary to make faster decisions. Built to work with Epicor CMS software out of the box, the Visual Factory provides an at-a-glance view of how a machine is performing.

  • “Supervisors walking the shop floor can quickly identify potential problems and will now know what they need to focus their time on. This can lead to improved uptime, improved efficiency, better quality, and higher customer satisfaction. Operators who are assigned to a machine will often keep a close eye on the metrics provided by Visual Factory to maintain production goals. This transparency alone can empower employees to improve performance.”
  • - Andrew Robling, Principal Product Manager, Epicor

Real-time production data from anywhere in the factory

Visual Factory is a suite of displays designed to facilitate real-time communications in production areas. Unlike most software that require a third-party application, Visual Factory works within Epicor CMS and provides an intuitive and integrated platform to monitor performance and issues with real-time metrics. The module includes out-of-the-box features such as overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), countdown timer, labor/variable run rate, a view of the shift of actual versus targets, immediate machine state feedback, shot clock, and an hourly rolling target, good, and scrap counter.

Visual Factory for Epicor CMS is now generally available. Please click here more information.