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HRMS Gen/2—Corrugated Manufacturing

HRMS Gen/2 for corrugated manufacturing builds on the time-proven HRMS software to offer easy access to your data with flexible reporting tools and export to MS Excel.

Kinetic (new name for Epicor ERP) for corrugated manufacturers, HRMS Gen/2, is a highly advanced business tool that opens a new realm of possibilities for core software functions and integrated add-on software modules. Gen/2 retains the familiar features and data flow of HRMS so you don't have to relearn the software, or re-implement your entire system. Existing users will quickly learn to navigate and operate the software and take advantage of the new features.

Providing you a low total cost of ownership, your past investment is preserved as Gen/2 serves as the base system for additional feature enhancements.

Gen/2 PowerSearch feature has powerful search and filtering capability.

HRMS More Capabilities

Microsoft Windows-Based Graphical User Interface

Gen/2 is delivered with a Windows-based graphical user interface that will be released in phases, beginning with the Customer Service and Purchasing Modules. Because Gen/2 can operate in both Windows and character mode concurrently using the same database, you can phase in the new Windows user interface over time while continuing to operate your existing system.

Integration with Microsoft Windows Applications and CAD Software

Gen/2 has been re-engineered to operate in and interchange information directly with Microsoft Office and other Windows-based software applications. The result is a more efficient work-flow and an easier-to-use system. In addition, the graphical capabilities of the software allow powerful integration with standard CAD applications.

Advanced General Ledger and Financial Reporting

New technology underlying the Gen/2 software makes it compatible with a variety of third-party General Ledger and Financial Reporting packages, including Microsoft Dynamics® GP. Tight integration with Gen/2 allows you to take advantage of features such as multi-year budgeting, custom financial report generation, cash flow management and having multiple accounting periods open at the same time.

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