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Closely monitor and maximize your profitability with Epicor for Building Supply. Do more in less time, with less staff using a data-driven system that accurately reconciles and manages inventory coming in and going out. ERP solutions made for your unique requirements.

Inventory Management

Complex inventory management requires a solution to help you manage demand patterns, so you always have the right level of stock to meet customer demand.

  • Understand which products have the highest demand and inventory turns by individual SKU
  • Match customer orders to incoming inventory to know what can be fulfilled and when
  • Manage outgoing inventory in real time, as loads are being built and orders are prepped for delivery
Warehouse employees checking inventory with scanners while wearing safety vests and hard hats

Pricing and Margin Management

Improve your business performance and stay competitive with interactive data capabilities that help you analyze critical information and make strategic decisions.

  • Customize dashboards and populate data grids that categorize information inside your business system
  • Compare competitors' prices to your own, understand margins and which products are the most profitable, and manage product pricing and markups for your entire inventory
  • Monitor profit growth by account using advanced pricing strategies that help define your best customers
  • Access live data via desktop and mobile device so you can have real time visibility into inventory and product availability by site or warehouse location
Warehouse worker controlling shipment on a laptop propped on top of cardboard boxes

Order Fulfillment and Customer Loyalty

A large volume of orders with multiple items, delivery locations, and customer requirements.

  • Manage multi-site deliveries and loads to get your product to the correct location for final distribution
  • Assign loads by vehicle type and route for efficient, effective, on-time deliveries
  • Build stronger customer relationships with accurate and complete order fulfillment and visibility into product availability
Red trailer driving down a highway
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