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Built With You, For You

Your business depends on managing complex inventory challenges. That’s why Epicor for Building Supply is right for the hardscapes industry. It’s flexible enough for custom configurations that fit your business without requiring a fully customized system. Backed by proven performance for enterprises with hundreds of locations. And available in a scalable cloud offering to match your business growth.

Maximize ROI with Data Customization

Epicor for Building Supply helps you easily reconcile profit from sales and cost of materials against different units of measurement.

  • Understand the true landed costs of product
  • Reconcile inventory calculations
  • Reduce the labor needed for inventory management
Several wooden boards for a construction project

Mobilize Teams for Maximum Service

Connect employees, builders and contractors so they can be more effective and responsive—wherever and whenever work gets done.

  • Shorten the sales cycle and increase productivity
  • Integrate KPI dashboards for managers and business owners
  • Eliminate errors and save time associated with manual entry of cycle counts
  • Provide contractors 24/7 access to view quotes, order product and manage billings
Two workers in a lumberyard cutting down trees

Getting Started

You’re not just choosing a business solution, you’re also choosing the team you want to work with. Let’s start with a conversation, and we can introduce some of the people behind our 99% customer retention rate. Get in touch today, and we’ll discuss:

  • Your business requirements and goals
  • Partnership expectations, needs, and options
  • Scheduling a demo unique to your business
Curved path in the formal garden