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  • Building a Tech Company from Scratch

Episode 13: Prollenium's Ario Khoshbin on Building a Tech Company from Scratch That Stays True to Its Roots

octobre 14, 2023

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Meet Ario Khoshbin, Founder & CEO at Prollenium Medical Technologies

"A lot of times you can really get stuck when you're doing something. You lose sight of what's next because you're so fixated on what you're doing that you don't think about the future," says Ario Khoshbin, Founder & CEO at Prollenium Medical Technologies in our newest podcast. And Ario has done just that in building a medical aesthetics technology company from scratch, learning the ins and outs of the industry as it scaled, and instilling a mindset of constant innovation. As Ario explains, Prollenium Medical Technologies started with a $300 loan and is now a company that employees 300 people. Instead of hiring expertise from already established companies, Ario built it from scratch, learning how to create formulas for their products and ensuring that they're being produced in sterile environments. As they grew, they implemented more technology like HR software and an ERP system to empower employees, especially to keep the pulse of employees as the environment scaled. Ario founded the company after working with his immigrant parents in their own businesses, and being inspired by their hard work. That’s been another factor he’s focused on: scaling a company while staying true to his family roots and values.

In This Episode

What can young entrepreneurs learn from someone who put in the work to found and scale a company in a highly-regulated industry, and make sure that that growth is sustainable? Listen to our conversation with Ario Khoshbin and leave inspired to follow your passions and see your hard work come to fruition.


  • Ario's background being raised in an immigrant family, and how he grew up working with his parents in their businesses, which inspired him to start his own medical aesthetics technology company.
  • How the company grew from a $300 loan to now employing 300 people, and is the first Canadian company to open a manufacturing facility specializing in dermal fillers.
  • The technology that Prollenium has adopted to support and empower their employees, like HR software, an ERP, and more.
  • How instead of hiring from other companies, Prollenium built their company from scratch, and why Ario considered it a great learning experience.
  • The current trends in manufacturing, and why it's key to continue to innovate and not get stuck. Advice for young entrepreneurs on following your passion and standing on the shoulders of others.