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By now, you’ve heard it. Distributors everywhere are talking about moving their ERP and business to the cloud. 80% of distributors plan to migrate most or all of their business solutions to the cloud in 2023.1

The reason? Customers today want to do business online. What’s more – distributors want to mitigate the risk of a costly ransomware attack or data breach and are looking for ways to grow and scale with more speed and resilience.

In this Product Tour, solution engineer Trevor Steel will discuss:

  • Why so many distributors are moving to the cloud
  • Typical challenges affecting distributors – and how an ERP on the cloud can help
  • The differences between an on-premise ERP and a cloud ERP
  • How costs break down comparatively between an on-premise ERP and a Cloud ERP
  • How does cloud ERP empower business continuity


“I don’t have to buy new servers every five years, I don’t have to maintain the servers, and the software maintenance is rolled into the monthly cost. It just makes sense.”

Keith Nowak | President of MPT Drives

1Distribution Industry Insights Report 2023

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