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Kinetic Financials in the cloud is a global, high-performance enterprise solution that is designed to fit your business needs, industry requirements and the expectations of your modern workforce.

  • Attend this webinar to learn the many benefits of choosing Epicor Kinetic Financial suite.
  • Lessened security risk by opting for a secure cloud solution
  • Automatic upgrades that free IT to focus on higher-value projects
  • Optimized user interface to increase productivity and engage employees
  • Anywhere/anytime access to critical financial data
  • Most importantly, a solution provider that you know and trust

During this webinar we will cover:

  1. Kinetic Financials Overview & Go-Forward Product Strategy
  2. Integration - Kinetic Financials is fully integrated with LumberTrack using a bi-directional, metadata level interface
  3. Benefits for LumberTrack Users
  4. Live Demonstration of Kinetic Financials:
    - General Ledger
    - Accounts Payable Automation
    - Multi-Company/ Multi-Site
    - Automated Bank Reconciliation
    - Financial Reporting
    - Asset Management
    - Budgeting & Forecasting

Stay with a company you know--and trust your financial data to Epicor Financials.

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