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Onboard in Minutes

A new retail POS shouldn’t disrupt your business. Propello is so easy to use, your staff can make the switch without missing a beat.

  • A clean, simple interface puts everything right where you expect it
  • Get on-screen help or click for support from any screen
  • In case you ever need help, support is just a click away

Scan. Pay. On Their Way.

The POS is the last impression customers have of your store. Capture your opportunity to dazzle them with speed and simplicity.

  • Keep checkout lines short and moving
  • Accept a wide range of payments, including payments on account
  • Motivate buying behavior with real-time promotion and product info
  • Apply coupons, discounts, dynamic promos, and loyalty rewards
  • Offer great customer service anytime, anywhere, and on any device
Collage image of a thunderstorm, and a screen displaying the Epicor Propello software

Always On—Even Offline

When internet connection issues pop up, it's business as usual, unlike other cloud solutions.

  • Work offline without limitations
  • Business data, transactions, and credit card authorizations automatically sync to the cloud when you're back online

Create Data-Driven Customer Loyalty 

Use data to make better customer connections and keep them coming back. 

  • Track purchase history, lifetime value and loyalty rewards
  • Add personal touches with easy-to-use, real-time loyalty programs
  • Reward loyal customers with personalized greetings and offers at checkout
Saleswoman helping customer

Manage and Track Employee Activity 

Stay informed and in control while making your business more secure. 

  • Assign appropriate access and approval rights
  • Collect data and checkout activity by staff member
  • Protect profits by reducing bogus price overrides and return fraud
  • Perform audits more easily

Un seul partenaire pour votre activité de vente au détail

Epicor fournit des solutions d’entreprise exhaustives, sécurisées et conviviales aux commerces de détail locaux et magasins spécialisés dans près de 8 000 emplacements en Amérique du Nord et dans les Caraïbes. Les clients de détail font confiance à Epicor pour les aider à simplifier et gérer leurs commerces des caisses aux systèmes d'arrière-guichet. Les données en temps réel, les outils de rapports robustes et les fonctionnalités des appareils mobiles font partie des nombreuses caractéristiques qui contribuent à décupler l'efficacité et la croissance. Epicor Retail Solutions est fort de 50 années d'expérience et propose un soutien à la clientèle primé. Un soutien à la vente au détail exhaustif pour toute votre activité.