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Collage image of a man shopping for toys at a pet store, and in the foreground, an Epicor Propello inventory screen

Buy, Price, and Promote with Confidence 

Never run out of popular items with powerful product ranking tools.

  • Get a clear view of what's selling
  • See when items are selling and at what price
  • Make smart merchandising decisions by knowing what's profitable

Monitor Multiple Stores in Real Time 

If you have multiple stores, you need to know what's happening at each location.

  • Track real-time inventory levels at all locations
  • See how products are selling and where
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Bundle Products, Kits, and Displays 

Kitting and bundling can be a retailer’s secret strategy for selling more products.

  • Use intuitive screens make it easy to bundle and kit items into a single product SKU
  • Provide more value and convenience to your customers with bundled products

Simplify Special Pricing

Take more ownership over your inventory to move stock and drive more sales.

  • Manage pricing, promotions, and discounts in real time
  • Manage special pricing across all stores and categories
Shot of a young woman at a library using digital tablet

Track Serial Numbers at Every Stage

Advanced serial number tracking provides complete inventory counts at any moment.

  • Track individual items as they make their way through receiving and out your door
  • Track returned items and get them back on the sales floor quickly

Streamline Returns and Claims

Eliminate headaches and put time back in your day with simple, yet powerful returns and claims capabilities.

  • Spend less time filling out forms
  • Set up flexible return policies 
  • Protect your business from fraud while providing a positive experience for your customers
Collage image of an adult couple purchasing a pillow at a home store, and in the foreground, a screenshot image of the Epicor Propello software displaying an inventory receipt screen

Un seul partenaire pour votre activité de vente au détail

Epicor fournit des solutions d’entreprise exhaustives, sécurisées et conviviales aux commerces de détail locaux et magasins spécialisés dans près de 8 000 emplacements en Amérique du Nord et dans les Caraïbes. Les clients de détail font confiance à Epicor pour les aider à simplifier et gérer leurs commerces des caisses aux systèmes d'arrière-guichet. Les données en temps réel, les outils de rapports robustes et les fonctionnalités des appareils mobiles font partie des nombreuses caractéristiques qui contribuent à décupler l'efficacité et la croissance. Epicor Retail Solutions est fort de 50 années d'expérience et propose un soutien à la clientèle primé. Un soutien à la vente au détail exhaustif pour toute votre activité.