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What is Epicor Eagle Inventory Management?

Manage Inventory Automatically and Never Run Out of Stock

Knowing what you have, how much you need, and when you need it are all critical parts of running a profitable retail business. Inventory should be managed carefully with data, not guesswork. With a focus on streamlining inventory management, the Eagle solution automatically tracks and maintains optimum inventory levels. You’ll eliminate excessive stock levels and costly stockouts, ensuring that good profitable products are readily available for your customers—any time they need them.

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Benefits to Retailers

Better Data Equals Better Decision-Making

Boost performance and make informed decisions that affect your bottom line using real-time data. You’ll gain vital insight into the dynamics of your business with easy-to-use dashboards and reports, so you can see what’s selling and what’s not. Track inventory with the right tools, reducing costly excess inventory and stockouts with accurate forecasting data. Use the data from your suppliers, competitors, and your stores to price for profitability. Identify popular product combinations and trends to increase basket size.

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Take the Guesswork Out of Inventory Planning

Inventory ordering and stocking decisions have everything to do with your business’s growth and profitability. Synchronize supply and demand and bring precision to your key inventory planning elements. Use data to keep your inventory levels where they do your business the most good, maintaining just enough products to avoid stockouts. Better manage lead times, usage computation, order points, seasonal or market fluctuations, and much more that may impact sales.

Get Your Prices Where They Need to Be

Take the guesswork out of pricing while setting prices quickly and easily. You’ll have powerful analysis and management tools to get prices exactly where they need to be. Set prices using critical comparative information from your competitors, suppliers, and store locations. Make all of your pricing changes confidently by analyzing their impact on sales and margins, then adjusting by the right amount or percentage.

Simplify Multi-Store Inventory

As your business grows, the Eagle solution provides the flexibility to add stores and transfer inventory from one location to another. This enables you to make sure you have the right products, at the right store, right where they're needed. Optimize your quantity on hand with automatic stock transfers between stores. Track product sales based on groupings/lots. View and segment your data by store location to get the full picture of your inventory operations.

Stay Productive and Customer-Focused

With the freedom of mobile inventory solutions, you’ll spend less time searching shelves and more time interacting with customers. The software installs quickly and allows you to update inventory, add UPC codes, and print new labels. Provide your staff with mobile tools and they’ll be upselling and cross-selling in the aisles. You’ll save hours on taking physical inventory, and your customers will be delighted that their questions on product pricing and availability can be answered on the spot.

Purchasing and Receiving Made Easy

Put hours back into your day with an efficient way to create purchase orders and then receive items accurately against the PO. The integration with point of sale, inventory and financial applications helps ensure supplier replenishment works in concert with demand, and that inventory valuations are accurate. Easily source items, track delivery, fulfill orders, and use actual cost data and desired gross margins to set prices.