Guidry Hardware Now Powered by Epicor Eagle N Series Software

Austin, TX February 13, 2018

Multi-location, independent hardware business turns to Epicor technology to strengthen operations and set a foundation for growth


Epicor Software Corporation, a global provider of industry-specific enterprise software to promote business growth, announced today Guidry Hardware and Supply has launched the Epicor Eagle N Series® retail business management solution across three locations to strengthen inventory management, increase efficiency, and enhance overall operations.

Family owned and operated since 1933, Guidry Hardware has grown into two hardware stores and one industrial supplies store—all located in Lafayette, Louisiana. To better manage business information across all locations, Guidry’s implemented the Eagle N Series solution.

  • “When I joined the company a few years ago, I was shocked to see that there was no use of a business management system. That was something I set out to help change in the business. We operated our business for a few years on the CounterPoint system, but unfortunately nothing was ever received or tracked correctly. We required a solution to help us become more efficient and more profitable.”
  • - Mike Davis, General Manager, Guidry Hardware

“Epicor came highly recommended by the industry and Ace Hardware,” continued Davis. “We were very impressed with the technology and flexibility to meet the needs of our business, so we decided to invest in the best and make the transition to Eagle N Series software. Five years ago, we weren’t a company that would lean on technology for smooth operations. Now, we're one of the most technology-advanced companies in our area.”

Training for a successful go live

Guidry Hardware is celebrated for its hardworking, knowledgeable employees. Ensuring they continue to learn industry best practices while promoting professional growth with new technology was a priority. “We began training on Eagle N Series software two months before go live,” said Davis. “Our associates completed training specific to the areas they work in and management joined applicable webinars—sometimes even twice a day with the Epicor Training on Demand™ application. By the time we were ready to go live with the software, the Epicor team stated that we were better prepared than the majority of businesses. This was due to the fact that we were motivated to succeed and Epicor provided the right tools for us to be successful.”

Growing the business with data

The direction and progress of a company hinges on making good business decisions. Guidry Hardware depends on business analytics from Eagle N Series software applications to gain a clear understanding of where the business stands today and what lies ahead. “The reports set up in the Epicor Compass™ and Performance Manager applications are life changing,” said Davis. “I am notified automatically if inventory is being sold below cost or market, which allows me to address issues immediately. I no longer need to wait until the next day for reports to come in. This saves us dollars and anxiety of wondering if products are priced correctly. The information we now have at our fingertips is going to carry us into the future and really helps Guidry’s grow.”

“The Eagle N Series software implementation throughout Guidry Hardware furthers its ability to utilize powerful retail technologies to support vital business goals,” said Bill Wilson, senior vice president, product development, Epicor Software. “We are proud to have completed this successful implementation with Guidry Hardware and look forward to delivering more essential tools in the future to enable additional growth.”

About Epicor Eagle N Series

Epicor Eagle N Series software is a fully integrated retail business management system, with built-in best practices, designed for small to mid-sized businesses. Thousands of retail customers rely on the Epicor Eagle N Series solution to operate more efficiently and grow revenue and profits. Visit the Epicor Eagle N Series solution hub to learn more.

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