Epicor FFL Compliance Manager

ATF Compliance

Starting today, managing your Bound Book gets dramatically easier. With Epicor FFL Compliance Manager, you can

  • Quickly log firearms transactions using a built-in “assistant” that steps you through the process

  • Instantly create ATF-friendly reports for inspections and traces, with just one click

  • Check your bound book accuracy (and reconcile your inventory) any time with easy-to-use tools

  • Simplify your customers’ experience, too by letting them provide their information, just as easily, on a tablet, laptop or other device

No matter what tool you’re using now, this is going to be simpler and faster. It’s easy to get started, too—with an affordable monthly subscription and no software to buy or maintain. Just fire it up, log with ease, and focus on serving your customers.

See how FFL Compliance Manager makes it easier to manage your bound book and be ready for ATF audits.

To create Epicor FFL Compliance Manager, Epicor worked with the trusted firearms compliance and operations experts. 

"Maintaining a bound book is a tedious, yet critical, part of running a successful firearms business. Epicor FFL Compliance Manager makes these tasks easy and guides me through, so that I can focus on buying and selling guns, improving customer service and increasing sales. And, to top it off, the software is unbelievably easy to deploy and use!"
- Mike Vause, Sporting Goods Manager, Smith & Edwards Co.

Epicor is now partnering with AppCohesion, a leader in technology development and provider of solutions to retailers! AppCohesion equals the playing field for retailers in the fast-paced, ever-changing sales landscape. AppCohesion offers Epicor retailers:

  • The opportunity to log in to one location to view the cleanest firearms data
  • Broad search capabilities
  • Real-time availability with multi-distributor feeds
  • Pricing based on a retailers account with each distributor.



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