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See How Epicor is Helping its Customers Grow

Steel Blue

“Epicor is the whole foundation of the operations part of our business from finance, customer service, supply chain functions, and manufacturing to support the business globally. Customer service experience improved significantly.”
Jeff Knowler, Chief Operations Officer | Steel Blue


Hacel Lighting

“I was staggered at how easy it was to move to cloud. The actual upgrade from Epicor 10 to Kinetic took only a few hours, which speaks volumes about the quality of Epicor’s migration tools. Having no true customizations in Epicor 10 also simplified the upgrade process for us”.

- Chris Neal | Financial Controller and Company Secretary at Hacel Lighting


Crusk Assembler Sdn Bhd.

“Epicor has become an essential part of our business operation infrastructure. We believe this will enhance client trust and confidence in us, and propel our business growth.”

Zulkifli Kasim, President |
Crusk Assembler


OnOff Electric Company Ltd

“Epicor Kinetic is one of the cornerstones of our digital transformation strategy. Since implementing Kinetic we have increased business efficiency and productivity.”

Tiefeng Guo, IT Director |
Onoff Electric Co.


Caymas Boats

“Itʼs been a spectacular upgrade. Drill-downs in Spreadsheet Server work flawlessly alongside Epicor.” 

Tyler Smith | Senior Accountant, Caymas Boats


General International Group

The new ERP platform would have to be flexible, as well as a strong fit for the organization’s business model today and for the future.


Big Ass Fans

“Epicor ERP literally ties our company together from beginning to end and all the way to shipping product to customers in a timely manner.” 

Greg Finley |  Production Manager


Cosma International

"In my opinion, inventory accuracy is king, the building block of everything. If you don't have accurate inventory then you don't have anything. Epicor CMS is our foundation."
Andy Hrasky, Assistant General Manager | Victor Manufacturing (Cosma International)


Rexam Corporation

"Before the mold opens Mattec MES tells us whether the product is good or bad. That translates into a better product for our customer, because we're actually building in the quality rather than inspecting it."
Mitch Stein, Plant Manager | Rexam Corporation



瑞健集團 瑞健集團透過Epicor ERP實現訊息一體化,優化全球業務運作


Johnson Controls

「我們以前的廢品率大約是 3–4%,上個月降到了 1.37%。這樣的表現已經非常優異了。」
品管工程師 Dave Rose,
Johnson Controls


Kiilto Family Oy

“By combining Epicor ERP and iScala as a two-tiered ERP solution, all the information is gathered in one place. This has helped us to meet our business challenges and increase opportunities to grow.”
Ville Kenttä, ICT Service Manager | Kiilto Family Oy