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Epicor FP&A



Epicor 財務規劃工具是完整、可靠以及革命性的財務規劃及分析解決方案,與您的 ERP 系統無縫整合。只需五分鐘,即可完成安裝,並開始生成實際、預算、報告和即時預測資訊,助您:

  • 令各部門同步邁向共同目標
  • 透過公司清晰的發展前景,激勵員工
  • 簡化資源分配
  • 監察及控制營運

Epicor 財務規劃工具內容套件指南。


ERP Integration

This cloud-based system easily connects with cloud-deployed or on-premises Kinetic (new name for Epicor ERP), Epicor iScala, or Epicor Enterprise.

Real-Time Data

Real-time calculations and instant aggregation let you immediately see the impact of certain changes to make the best business decisions.

Ease of Use

Quick installation, a sleek dashboard, convenient report templates, and drag-and-drop simplicity make this software easy to use.

Collaboration Tools

Simpler, faster, and more focused checking and approval processes save time and allow your team to work on more important tasks.