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Professional Services


Epicor® professional services maintains a team of more than 500 highly skilled, and tenured consultants whose unmatched experience in delivering industry solutions that span manufacturing, distribution, retail and hospitality, and services is backed by a proven track record of successful delivery around the world. Our professional services teams offer local know-how and global outlook so as to ensure tangible results for our customers anywhere in the world - always with a focus on your profitable growth.

Through the following offerings Epicor professional services provides an encompassing set of service deliverables, built around long-term business relationships and long-term business success.

Proven Signature Implementation

Successful implementations are based on the Signature methodology which has been established and refined over our more than 20 plus year history. Developed, improved and proven over thousands of projects using hundreds of consultants, Signature enables Epicor to deliver efficient, effective and well-managed projects for every customer, consistently, wherever you are in the world. To date, that's in over 140 countries.

Signature is about managing the partnership we have with our customers, to deliver successful implementations. It allows Epicor to provide consistent, customer-focused implementations, and provides a key success factor framework of mutual responsibility towards project success. As a highly structured, proven implementation methodology, Signature guides you and your company through a five-step process, from an in-depth analysis of your business requirements, all the way to the hand over, quickly enabling your company to begin using your Epicor solution in its day-to-day operations.

Remote Consulting Center

Available for several Epicor products, the remote consulting center offers a cost-effective, flexible, self-paced solution and supplemental service to help customers through implementations. Using a detailed project plan, based on Epicor Signature methodology, customers are led through the upgrade process — remotely, saving time and money.

Business Process Consulting

Beyond the pay-back that comes from a rapid implementation and go-live, Epicor Professional Services can help deliver a greater return on investment through business process management consulting. Through years and years of exposure to customers just like you, our consultants have learned how to get the most out of our applications and what best practices can deliver the greatest results. Epicor can help you evaluate your processes, whether it's up front analysis in support of a business process re-engineering project or a post go-live focus on continuous performance improvement initiatives.

Systems Hardware and Consulting

Advanced technical consultants with detailed knowledge of both Epicor solutions and the platforms they require can help you plan for infrastructure, hardware sizing, and continued growth.

Process and System Review

Conducted by senior consultants that have extensive knowledge of your industry and Epicor’s solutions, this in-depth analysis is a five-step process review that enables customers to focus resources on high return projects that will impact the bottom line and lower the total cost of ownership. A clear task implementation schedule offers the best approach to get these projects completed quickly and efficiently.

KPI Workshops

The “measure for success” workshop moves companies through the process of getting a fresh, unbiased picture of the business environment and then translates that information into measurable goals and key performance indicators. Customers use these workshops to understand strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The end result is a solid plan with measurable goals so that improvements are made in the areas that matter most.