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Referral Partners

Referral Partners work with our direct sales force or an Epicor® Authorized Reseller on sales opportunities they bring to Epicor. Without making the full commitment to becoming an Epicor Authorized Reseller, Referral Partners can benefit by working with Epicor to offer your valued customers a comprehensive, proven and flexible suite of products. 

The Referral Partner Program offers you a “referral fee” for bringing those opportunities to Epicor. Referral Partner’s assist with lead referral introductions and relationship development while Epicor provides the expertise in our product's and technology.  Epicor will compensate Referral Partners for leads or referrals that result in a software license sale between Epicor and the customer identified in your referral. This is a partnership that benefits everyone - you, your customer and Epicor. 

Eligible Referral Solutions

We are Ready 

If you are interested in learning more about Epicor, our solutions, and our winning business proposition for Referral Partners, contact us or submit your referral partner application today.

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