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XL Connect 7

Cut Reporting Time From Days to Minutes

XL Connect 7 is a Microsoft® Excel® based reporting platform that helps you build reports in minutes rather than days. Our data analytics tool quickly gets you the answers you need from your data with our intuitive XL Connect 7 query tool, drill-down capabilities, and a drag-and-drop interface.

The perfect tool for both the data analyst and the business user, XL Connect 7 changes the way you manage Kinetic (new name for Epicor ERP) and iScala reporting.

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Self-service Business Intelligence & Reporting

Ask Questions, Get Answers

Drill down into any cell to uncover the insights behind the numbers. Ask questions of your data with the XL Connect 7 query tool and get your own answers—no analyst required. Use these insights to keep doing what works for your business, and stop doing what doesn't.

Turn Data Into Knowledge

Determine key performance indicators (KPIs) and trends to make informed decisions based on what your data reveals.

Get to Work in Minutes

Download and install immediately, then import your data from any platform that allows data export. Easily analyze data with the XL Connect 7 query tool. Create functions and formulas with a simple drag and drop.

XL Connect 7 PackNGo

PackNGo is designed to empower analysts to build reports, embed data, and send exactly what business users need—in a file that is much smaller than traditional Excel files. The recipient doesn’t need to be connected to source database, but can still access the data they need and drill down into specific details.

Other Time-Saving Reporting Solutions

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Share reports with a single click. XL Broadcast works with all of your Epicor software. 

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XL Connect

Transform your reporting capabilities withXL Connect. It works with Prophet 21, Vantage, Vista, and Enterprise.

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Sign up for in-depth training from Epicor or get productive quickly with short training videos. Both are available to XL Connect and XL Connect 7 customers on EPICweb.

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