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Demo begins at 8:31 in the video.

Are You Facing Challenges Like: 

  • Breakdowns in communication between sales and engineering? 
  • Tedious and error-prone quoting systems? 
  • Difficulty in conveying complex product lines? 
  • Manual workflows adversely impacting sales and production? 

Epicor CPQ:  Your Comprehensive Solution 

Epicor CPQ, a cloud-based Configure Price Quote (CPQ) system, is the all-in-one answer for intricate Engineer-to-Order (ETO) products. This solution promises to digitally revolutionize your selling process, establishing a seamless connection between your customers and the shop floor. Utilizing intuitive clicks instead of complex coding, coupled with cutting-edge visualization technology, Epicor CPQ ensures an engaging buying experience anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Discover the transformative power of Epicor CPQ in a concise 30-minute presentation. Learn how this innovative solution can enhance your business with cost-saving customer management and quoting capabilities. 

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