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Managed Hosting

Our certified channel partners provide enterprise-class hosting


Need Managed Hosting? We’ve Got You Covered.

For 50 years, Epicor has delivered innovative business systems to manufacturing, distribution, retail, hospitality, and service industries around the world. We offer best-in-class cloud and on-premises software solutions, but we also certify several channel partners to provide managed hosting.

Managed hosting is sometimes the ideal option for customers that need additional flexibility in their software. Managed hosting might be a good fit for Kinetic (new name for Epicor ERP) or Prophet 21 users that:

  • Require heavy customizations to the software
  • Don’t want forced upgrades
  • Must comply with strict regulatory compliance needs
  • Have to host many third-party products alongside an Epicor solution


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The Epicor managed hosting certification program also ensures that customers who need managed hosting are in good hands. These certified channel partners will provide enterprise-class hosting, to include:

  • Highly available architectures and robust operational processes that ensure maximum uptime
  • Highly reliable disaster recovery capabilities
  • Multiple data backups to prevent data loss
  • Industry-standard IT security capabilities

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