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  • A Good Start to 2017 in Vietnam: Partnership with Ho Chi Minh City Open University

A Good Start to 2017 in Vietnam: Partnership with Ho Chi Minh City Open University

Last week the Epicor Asia team announced a renewed partnership with the Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) Open University. By extending the agreement for another three years and implementing the latest version of the Epicor ERP (enterprise resource planning, now known as Kinetic) solution, HCMC students in Vietnam will get access to a modern software platform that is used by manufacturers today.

It means they will be able to apply the knowledge they gain in a classroom to the real world and reach full productivity much faster after they graduate, adding value to the organizations they work for, building a reputation for the University, and helping to drive growth for the manufacturing sector in Vietnam.

Partnership with Ho Chi Minh City Open UniversityKey representatives from the University, including Associate Professor, Dr. Nguyen Van Phuc, who signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on behalf of the HCMC, along with Epicor executives and media outlets, attended the signing ceremony last week. During the ceremony, the participants heard how Epicor provides expertise and support to the University's research network, training its faculty lecturers and running training and seminars for University students. For example, during the last three years more than 100 students have received hands-on experience working with the Epicor ERP software and are as a result better equipped for their future careers after graduation.

With Vietnam poised to become a new manufacturing powerhouse in Asia, and Epicor having in-depth industry knowledge, the application of Epicor ERP in the newly launched manufacturing classes will give students experience of using modern manufacturing software applications. While digital transformation is becoming an increasing focus for businesses today, equipping the workforce to use technology is another great concern for local business leaders. As more millennials enter the workforce, the ability to use such technology holds great potential for companies and supporting educational institutions to teach practical skills, such as the use of ERP solutions, will provide the future workforce with relevant expertise and skills, and empower employees to boost collaboration and innovation.


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