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  • Project-based organisations face a range of additional accounting and financial reporting requirements, not just from within but also from an increasingly onerous regulatory framework. Internally, project accounting will frequently cross organisational and geographic boundaries, with matrix management placing a further demand for flexible project reporting. Additional complexity is introduced with projects lasting for anything from a few days or weeks to a number of years, during which time budgets may also be revised many times. On top of such internal considerations, regulatory compliance and the need for transparent revenue recognition place a further strain on project accounting.

    Efficient Solution for Flexible Project Accounting

    The challenge is to meet these diverse requirements from a single project accounting software system, with minimal administrative overhead and maximal flexibility. Epicor project accounting software enables project-based organisations to regain control and remove redundant administrative processes and related costs, creating greater efficiencies that flow straight to the bottom line.

    Project Accounting Software Features

    Our project accounting software enables midsize companies as well as multinational enterprises to meet the increasing demands of flexibility and financial regulation in today’s business environment. More than just audit and accountancy services software, this project accounting solution is designed with project-based organisations in mind.

    • Support detailed project planning and flexible financial accounting with a single point of data entry, powerful posting code capabilities, and data evolution throughout the project life cycle, from bid to cash
    • Obtain full visibility of total project costs, however they are incurred – time, expense and materials including committed and accrued costs, journals and disbursements
    • Demonstrate consistent and transparent revenue recognition through the revenue recognition rules, workbench and reporting
    • In an international environment, take advantage of strong, deep multi-company, multi-currency support throughout every aspect of our project accounting solution
    • Build complete flexibility into the work breakdown structure (WBS) with multiple billing methods, currency and customer capabilities with over-rides on selected phases and tasks if necessary
    • Track, compare, and report budgets, forecasts, and estimates to complete (ETC) through multiple revisions

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