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  • Customer relationship management (CRM) strategies are more important to businesses today than ever before. That’s why we’ve designed our CRM software solutions to help you stay ahead of the curve and successfully meet the challenges that the market brings—helping you manage your entire customer lifecycle, from prospect to cash—to care effectively, improve operational efficiency, and accelerate internal and external growth.

    Epicor ERP Customer Relationship Management

    Epicor ERP
    Customer Relationship Management

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     Epicor ERP Solution Overview

    ERP Solution

    CRM System

    The Epicor® CRM system provides a 360-degree view of the entire customer, supplier, or partner relationship regardless of position in the customer lifecycle. The powerful Epicor CRM software helps you maximize your customer information and broaden the scope of your data to everyone within the organization and to stakeholders through contextual delivery of essential customer data to information workers, wherever it’s needed.

    Leveraging the enhanced business collaboration capabilities within the Epicor ERP solution internal stakeholders can easily interact with each other or with external parties across the supply chain to deliver increased customer experiences.

    Enable sales representatives to access the Epicor CRM system directly from their mobile device using Mobile Enterprise Solutions, or Epicor Web access (EWA).

    Customer Relationship Management Solutions

    • Reach new customers while retaining existing customer communities
    • Improve responsiveness driving increased customer retention
    • Support a highly mobile sales force
    • Automate marketing and messaging activities
    • Simply Deliver tailor-made customer experiences
    • Cross-functional business collaboration to increase customer service levels 

    With award-winning integrated applications, covering marketing automation (MA), sales management software, case management, and eCommerce software, Epicor customer relationship management solutions provides the functionality you need to ensure an all-around, world-class customer experience.

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