• Tropos

    Process Manufacturing Software

  • Epicor Tropos is a process manufacturing software that provides unrivalled recipe based production, materials traceability, and regulatory compliance for UK process manufacturers, so you can compete with the best.

    This process manufacturing software provides your organisation with the power to improve decision making, strengthen internal and external connections, deliver on shorter production and supply schedules, and gain business efficiency and cost savings.

    Tropos delivers integrated management, automating activities and access to information across sales, inventory, scheduling, manufacturing, quality control, materials traceability, regulatory compliance, customer relations, and finance.

    Epicor has extensive knowledge and experience of process manufacturing industries, ensuring that Tropos delivers on individual challenges for:

    Augment the Performance of Tropos

    Epicor process manufacturing software provides additional applications to enhance the benefits and power of Tropos including:

    • Niche Industry Applications: The Spirits Workbench for distilleries and Maturation Management tools for cheese and dairy produce offer unique features for niche markets where inventory can change value and identity over time.
    • Business Process Manager (BPM: Epicor BPM is a flexible, practical, and automated capability that enables your company and your supply chain to connect more effectively and efficiently.
    • Dashboards: Decisions are easy when the facts are clear. A Business Intelligence system from Epicor will enable you to act faster and see new possibilities. Our BI "Dashboards" will bring graphic clarity to your key performance indicators (KPIs).

    Tropos System Features

    • Sales: Precise management and performance across sales operations via tele-sales, EDI, or web portal with full customer relationship management (CRM)
    • Inventory: Unrivalled power to forecast and schedule replenishment and line side operations dynamically in response to customer demand
    • Scheduling: Improved information flows from order to delivery so that supplier, in-house, and customer activities can be precisely scheduled for maximum efficiency
    • Manufacturing: Flexible processing significance allows even difficult products to be accurately represented
    • Materials Traceability: Sophisticated batch traceability features provide transparent and detailed information on what went into each and every output
    • Regulatory Compliance: Quality control, tracking, and regulatory reporting standards
    • Financials: Epicor provides a class leading financial solution.

    Tropos Technical Specifications

    • Highly flexible and scalable solution (multi-user, multi-site, multi-location, multicurrency, multi-language)
    • Easy customisation and integration with other applications
    • Built on Microsoft technology and architecture that is scalable and cost effective
    • Browser, PC or mobile device application
    • Data integration tools to support rapid implementation and ongoing integration
    • Tropos is developed to ISO9001 certified standards
    • Sophisticated multi-level batch with certification for BRC, FSIS, FDA, MHRA and MSRR standards
    • Recipe-based Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) and MRPII
    • UK, Irish and North American local market requirements are supported.

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  • Epicor solutions are designed around the unique operational needs of each industry and are available in the cloud or on premises. Customers can better manage complexity and focus on core growth activities.

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