• Epicor® BVP – Corrugated Manufacturing Software

    Corrugated Business Software for Multi-Plants

    Easily operate in multiple currencies and multiple languages. Efficient workload balancing across the entire enterprise lets you do more with existing resources. Improve on time delivery performance. Access critical real-time information for better decision-making. Deliver the perfect order, every time.

    Epicor corrugated manufacturing software for corrugated manufacturers, BVP (formerly Business VantagePoint), lets you manage multi-plant and multi-national operations with ease. This corrugated business software system is designed to increase efficiency and improve customer satisfaction, while providing complete control over your key processes; estimating, order management, job costing, profitability analysis, production, RF inventory control, delivery and invoicing.

    Corrugated Business Software for Complex Production

    Powerful estimating, costing, order processing and inventory modules enable efficient handling of combos, assemblies, farm-outs and litho laminate jobs, and intelligent product pricing based on accurate costing information:

    • Gain visibility into real profitability, and find immediate answers to critical questions
    • Easily price and configure complex products and assemblies
    • Track all costs for both in-house manufactured and purchased items efficiently

    Multi-Plant, Multi-Currency, and Multi-Language Support

    This corrugated manufacturing software system allows you to fully utilize all of your locations and schedule jobs across work centers, divisions and plants. Orders can be shared across multiple operations, maximizing production efficiency and minimizing production costs:

    • Automatic load balancing and integrated scheduling across all machines, locations and plants, optimizing available machine capacity and minimizing costs
    • Instant visibility into order status, work-in-progress and complete production schedule, for all locations
    • Efficient cost allocation to the appropriate location, and easy development of standard practices across the entire enterprise

    Better Management Information

    Getting reliable and up-to-date information of what's happening in your corrugated business can be a complicated task. Most managers know their top selling products, but which products contribute the most margin, and which customers are buying those products? BVP manufacturing business software provides real-time information for management:

    • View consolidated management information across all locations and divisions
    • Easily compile dashboards of all important data for at-a-glance view of your entire enterprise

    Have questions about our Epicor BVP? Please call us at 01344 468468, or  Ask an Epicor Expert.

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