• Epicor BisTrack – Merchant Management Software

  • ERP for Merchants, Distributors & Wholesalers

    Epicor® BisTrack ERP was conceived, designed, and developed to marry business process best practices with best-of-breed technologies. Quite simply, BisTrack management software was designed to support delivery of real results for your business.

    Comprehensive Management Software

    BisTrack is an award-winning merchanting and distribution software system that offers all the functionality needed to process simple to complex transactions for wholesale merchants and distributors.

    The technology components of BisTrack allows data to not only be stored but to be acted upon in a variety of ways with a variety of tools. These technology components are tightly integrated into all functional areas, making BisTrack ERP your platform of choice on which you can do business for years to come.

    Epicor® BisTrack – Merchant Management Software

    ERP Real Results

    Why BisTrack? Regardless of your size or position in the marketplace, you need to know that the investments you make will provide positive results for your merchant  business. BisTrack is a solution proven to increase margins, improve customer service, and drive operational efficiencies. This merchant management software system provides unprecedented access to information for you and your customers that are needed to drive success. When you ask our customers “Why BisTrack?” they will tell you it’s driving results.

    Market Leaders Drive Real Results

    Epicor is an industry leader providing software solutions to the timber and building materials industry. We foster user community involvement to harness our customers’ knowledge and encapsulate the industry’s best practices and brightest ideas in our software solutions. You benefit from the best minds in the industry.

    Our goal with BisTrack ERP is to continually provide the tools to drive real results for our customers.

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