• Epicor® AVP – Product Packaging Software

    Retail Packaging Software for Retail and Consumer Packaging Manufacturers

    Achieve absolute accuracy and flexibility in folding carton, flexible packaging, rigid box and label estimating with product packaging software. Accomplish cost control and comparisons for fixed and variable costs. Attain an instant view of production schedule and plant loading. Manage constraint control to ensure that all materials are ready for the job, all with retail packaging software from Epicor.

    Epicor AVP – product packaging software for retail packaging operations, (formerly Accelerate), provides comprehensive information and control of critical business processes from the initial sales inquiry through to design, estimating, and order management; from production scheduling and inventory management through to delivery and invoicing. This product packaging software system has built-in support for shop floor data collection and supply chain integration, AVP increases top-line revenues and tracks fixed and variable costs to ensure that margins and mark-ups take full account of actual costs.

    Retail Packaging Software Handles Complex Product Pricing

    • Fast Quote Wizard for rapid estimate creation; ideal for customer service and remote sales personnel
    • Estimate different product types within one estimate; cartons, labels, rigid boxes, corrugated materials, flexible packaging, general print
    • Estimate activities in different plants and compare costs
    • Auto determine production routing based on product type

    Efficient Scheduling, Resource Planning, and Plant Workload Balancing

    • Graphical planning board, with 'drag-and-drop' capabilities and instant view of the schedule including load vs. capacity
    • Manipulate machine line-ups using what-if scenarios, and access cost-of-change information
    • Create distribution and e-mail ready line-up reports instantly, and save time for the scheduler and production staff
    • Gain visibility into artwork approvals, board receipts, and die/plate availability to identify problems early in the process

    Gain complete traceability with AVP product packaging software, including precise Work-In-Progress (WIP) costing for added-value processes, and lot traceability from raw material through WIP to finished goods.

    Have questions about Epicor AVP? Please call us at 01344 468468, or Ask an Epicor Expert.

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