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Thorncliffe Building Supplies

Epicor BisTrack hire module helps merchant to grow business


Company Facts

  • Location: UK
  • Industry: Builders merchant
  • Website: www.thorncliffebs.co.uk


Thorncliffe Building Supplies is one of the largest independent builders’ merchants in North Wales and the North West of England. The company operates from three sites and offers an extensive range of building materials plus waste management, skip hire, and plant hire services. The family-owned company prides itself on offering an outstanding level of customer service that has allowed the team to build long-lasting relationships with national and local building companies as well as retail customers. 

Thorncliffe was one of the earliest users of the Epicor BisTrack solution, and implemented the software in 2005. Rob Manley is Thorncliffe’s IT support manager. He explained, “Until now we’ve not used BisTrack to its full potential—there’s so much on it. We’ve just implemented the hire module at two of our sites, and next we’ll be implementing the catalogues module that lets you carry a much wider ‘virtual stock’ of products that you only draw down to the system when you sell something.” 

“As a management system, we’ve always found BisTrack very easy to use. We find that staff who join us with little or no IT experience only need minimal training. Finding prices, putting quotes together, and searching customer history is so easy. For example, when a customer called recently wanting to know what type of stone she had bought last year, rather than calling her back, I was able to tell her instantly. That sort of thing makes us look very professional.”

Thorncliffe hires a range of tools and machines including diggers, dumpers and rollers as well as mixers, floor sanding machines, drills, and other hand tools. Rob said, “Until last year we were using one software system to manage our hire business and BisTrack for everything else. Since we’ve implemented the BisTrack hire module it’s made a real difference as we no longer have to sync the two systems. It’s easier for the hire department staff to work with customers and products as they are now all on one system. It’s boosted sales of ancillaries and add-on products because staff can quickly find and access all the product options within BisTrack that might be relevant to their customers. They can also see instantly if a customer is on stop. 

Before using BisTrack’s hire module, when a customer hired a cement mixer, our staff would use the third-party software to book it out but then had to swap to BisTrack and process a separate transaction to sell them the cement. If they were hiring a saw, they had to revert to BisTrack to find the correct blade. Now with the hire equipment and the ancillaries on the same system, our team can work faster and more efficiently. Everything goes out on one ticket and we just process one invoice. It’s made reporting more streamlined, too, as management can see our total sales performance from one report produced in BisTrack.” 

Rob said the implementation of the new module didn’t take too long because of the great support he received from Epicor. “We were obviously using the support desk a lot during the implementation as I had dedicated a certain time period to getting the module working. They were always quick to get back to me and it didn’t matter who I spoke to—everyone was willing to help and could get me the answer I needed.” 

Adam Lee, Epicor customer account manager for Thorncliffe, said, “I’m delighted to see that by implementing the hire module, the Thorncliffe operation has become even more efficient. Now we’re ready to help them use more of the functionality within BisTrack so they can grow their business further.”

Success Highlights:


  • Didn’t use the solution to its full potential
  • Wasn’t using BisTrack for the hiring side of the business
  • No integration between BisTrack and the hiring processes


  • Epicor® BisTrack™


  • Easier for the hire department staff to work with customers and products
  • Boosted sales of ancillaries and add-on products